DUI attorneys need to focus on doing a good job on the case | Paulding county attorney

Most police officers would readily agree that those who are arrested for drunk driving seldom, if ever, planned to do so. A typical case a paulding county attorney encounters for example is where an individual goes to a party or lounge to eat, drink, and the merry. At no time did that person ever imagine that he would consume so much alcohol that he would be in danger to himself or others. Indeed, the vast majority of people arrested for DUI are totally unaware that they are under the influence or intoxicated at the time of their arrest. The danger of DUI is that the driver's mental and physical faculties will be impaired, preventing him from making proper decisions, as well as causing the loss of physical dexterity. Furthermore, such a person becomes more and more slowed in their reaction time. A lot of people when drinking are unable to make necessary appropriate judgment as to their capacity or ability to safely operate vehicle. In addition most experts agree that approximately 90% of all drivers convicted of drunk driving are already problem drivers by virtue being either alcoholics or pre-alcoholics. The most predictable element of such condition is denial. DUI clients, for the most part, are not members of the community who willfully and wantonly set out to drive while drunk and let the devil take the hindmost. In contrast their people who made a mistake in judgment ab initio. Unlike murder, rape, robbery and or burglary, for which a person drunk or sober must engage in some preparation, the drunk driver usually is no intent to do harm. He makes no plans to commit a crime, and in a moral sense, is not a criminal. Most clients want to be represented in any criminal case by an attorney who they believe will aggressively fight the combined forces of the prosecutor and the police. Thus, the attorney who is equivocal, apologetic, fearful, or pessimistic would be unlikely to create the type practice clients would seek out. Because most attorneys do not promptly and thoroughly prepare themselves to defend drunk driving cases, they cannot do more than approach their potential clients with a defeatist attitude. Clients usually did not need an attorney merely to plead guilty. In most jurisdictions, a person accused of drunk driving, especially a first offender, may approach the prosecutor and usually obtain  the minimum permissible sentence in exchange for a plea. In improperly or inadequately prepared Paulding county attorney who assumes the responsibility of defending or rendering legal device to one charge was such a serious offense as drunk driving conviction on ethical and contemptible act which may cause a director to the individual who is in trust himself to that attorney's care. Moreover taking such a halfhearted approach usually negates any effort made by a law firm to establish a successful DUI practice. Recognizing the damage to reputation, deprivation of liberty, and loss of driving privileges are only some of the negative consequences that may result from the drunk driving conviction, the attorney must make the commitment, both to himself and to his firm, to become a dedicated advocate in his field as his capability will permit. If that personal commitment is made and tended to, that success may be readily attainable. Contact a Dallas Georgiacriminal defense lawyer today who will be dedicated to your case.