DUI arrest and my record | West Georgia DUI lawyer

With FIND units, special DUI task forces, and political pressure from MADD, DUI cases are on the rise and prosecutors are taking the toughest possible stance they can on DUI cases.  With a DUI arrest comes some stiff penalties and some driving and criminal record implications. If you are arrested for DUI then the first thing you need to do is file for an ALS hearing. A West Georgia criminal defense lawyer can help you do that. The legislature just recently added a 150 dollar fee for that Administrative hearing. It is unclear whether the fact the officer never did the proper paperwork for the hearing and the hearing is never scheduled will result in the money being returned.  The reason to file for the ALS hearing is to preserve the driver's license and give the attorney to win at the hearing. A non-DUI disposition of the underlying criminal charge will result in the deletion of the administrative suspension and the refund of any reinstatement fee for the license that has already been paid. These are all things that a West Georgia DUI attorney would help you with. If someone is convicted of DUI and they have a CDL, the implications can be devastating. Georgia is a state especially hard on people convicted of DUI with a CDL because Georgia does not allow any kind of work permit for someone convicted of DUI. You will lose your CDL license for a year. If charged with DUI and you have a CDL it is absolutely imperative that you talk to an Atlanta DUI attorney immediately.